Britain’s “Brexit” dust settles, what the dropshipper should do for UK shipping?

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Britain's "Brexit" dust settles, what the dropshipper should do for UK shipping? At around 4 p.m. Brussels time on December 24, European Commission President von der Leyen and EU Chief Negotiator Barnier held a press conference to announce a formal "Brexit" trade agreement with the UK, which defines the relationship between the UK and Europe

Why Your Content Isn’t Driving the Results You Want

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Content has become the foundation for so many of your most critical marketing tasks. If it’s not effective enough, things like demand generation, mid-funnel engagement, account-based marketing, and top-of-funnel lead generation will suffer. But consistently creating quality content for every stage of the buyer’s journey is easier said than done—and there’s new research that shows

Value Messaging – It’s Not All About You!

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Reflecting on a coaching session today, my client was finding it a real challenge to support their value proposition and desired market positioning with value messaging, i.e. messaging focused on meeting and exceeding what their target customer will value. Everything that had been drafted had slipped into product or service features and benefits. The consequence?

Amazon can’t sell masks, turning to independent stations to sell them? One click for independent site Shopify!

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    Because of the multiple swings and uncertainties of Amazon's policy, quite a few sellers started asking questions about standalone stations. But most sellers are not aware of the independent station, now talk about what it really is? Shopify. An independent e-commerce site that allows merchants to bring their own merchandise with PayPal, credit

Marketing for Facebook Groups

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With over 2.5 billion users, Facebook has become essential to marketing efforts. And while many brands have set up their pages and even run Facebook ads or boosted posts, not many have explored or even taken the time to understand the wealth of marketing opportunities available to them through Facebook Groups. As of 2019, 1.4

21 Effortless Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

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Having a strong Instagram presence is a powerful advantage. And one way to get that advantage is by growing your Instagram following. There are currently over 8 million Instagram Business profiles and over a hundred million active Instagram users posting every day. Without the right strategy, it can almost feel like your Instagram post is

6 Lessons Digital Marketers Can Learn From Emerging Markets

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Emerging markets in countries like China, India, and Brazil can teach you a great deal about marketing and innovation. In 2019, 64 million Americans will use mobile payments in some form, representing 29% of all smartphone owners. The same figure in China? 577 million users representing 81.1% of all smartphone owners. The enthusiasm with which

We want faster shipping way, faster than Epacket, what should I do?

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As long as the Ecommerce and dropship develop, shipping is more and more important factor for business. We can always here someone said the dropship is dead, while dropship is one tool, and one business model. It can not be dead. Just customer need good shopping experience, like faster shipping, good package with brand. Quality items, autognosis.

How to Create a Killer Facebook Ad Design for Your Ecommerce Store

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Notice how each image highlights a different set of products, allowing this one ad to appeal to many different viewers. You can also use Carousel ads to tell a story, like a short comic strip. Derin Oyekan, co-founder, and CMO of JewelScent, said: “We used carousel link ads to tell a story about our


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