As long as the Ecommerce and dropship develop, shipping is more and more important factor for business.
We can always here someone said the dropship is dead, while dropship is one tool, and one business model.
It can not be dead. Just customer need good shopping experience, like faster shipping, good package with brand.
Quality items, autognosis. So as we drop shipper or business owner, we really need to improve the shipping time
For our Shopify or others store.  Meanwhile, faster shipping mean good received rate.

Epacket not good?

Yes, most seller will say, epacket are good, use AliExpress are good, but time is going, everyone in commerce 
Are improving their buy experience, no matter amazon and eBay, and wish. So we need grasp the trends
By the way, packet is most and safe way to Brazil, since Brazil have some custom issue, use epacket is no problems. 

I know faster shipping is important, while it is expensive? 

That’s what I want to say, we have some shipping channel, same price with epacket but really 
Faster that eapcket, so why we just don’t use it. 
We can reach 4-7 days to UK, 5-9 days to US, 7-10 days to EU. Here are some examples for your choose. 

Let’s work on it

So we really need improve the shipping time and let customer have less wait time. Good shipping time mean
Good experience  and less refund and good brand loyalty, and more repeat orders, if you really want to build one 
Brand no matter it is big or small, we need good partner. 
So you have any question about the shipping, contact us freely, we are here to help you out. We also have 
Epacket shipping by the way. :)