Why should we use one dropshipping agent not aliexpress?

Why you need and dropshipping agent?


 Dropshipme APP integrates well with Shopify and WooCommerce.

Orders and products can be downloaded in Dropshipme APP automatically after you connect the APP with your store.
Few Clicks when placing orders in SourcinBox APP, you can place 100 orders per time with only ONE CLICK in few seconds.
We have a strong team to fulfill your orders after receiving orders from you.
Tracking numbers will be uploaded in your store automatically by SourcinBox APP after orders shipping out, you don’t need to do other things after placing orders.

Aliexpress disadvantages

-Payments will be failed when you have tons of orders per day because of the Aliexpress funds risk control
-Quality of service and product vary according to different suppliers on Aliexpress
-High communication cost

CVS disadvantages

-Easy to make mistakes on order dates
-Confusing bills

You need to spend a lot of time dealing with these exceptions, so SourcinBox is a good choice to save precious time.


Aliexpress takes at least 8%-15% commission per order from suppliers and this will be passed on to you.

Cost and freight are calculated separately on SourcinBox, so it will save you much cost on shipping freight.​
For example, you could compare with the shipping cost between following orders shown in the image.

What’s more, we have a rebate policy.
2000-4999 0.5%
5000-9999 0.8%
10000-49999 1%
50000 and more 2%

For example, when you recharge $10000 in your balance one time, SourcinBox APP will rebate $100 in your account balance.


If product stock in our warehouse, it takes 1-2 days to ship out after payment.
If not stock in our warehouse, it usually takes 2-3 days to arrive in our warehouse after we purchase from suppliers, but sometimes it takes longer if the product is out of stock from the supplier and needs to produce temporarily. Then we will ship out in 1-2 days after receiving the products in our warehouse.

We have strong systems, PMS(Purchase Management System), OMS(Order Management System), WMS(Warehouse Management System) and so on. These systems greatly improve our work efficiency, speed up the work, and reduce work errors.


We have a logistic tracking system monitoring all shipped tracking numbers, we make statistics on the delivery time of each shipping method termly. Our usual using shipping methods are as follow:
-CNE Express
-Yanwen Special Line


We can stock for you when you have hot selling products, we stock up for you according to the sales history and your marketing plan, so as to speed up the fulfillment of orders, improve your customer’s shopping experience.

Our PMS could automatically calculates stocking recommendations based on a complex set of formulas to ensure enough inventories.

What’s more, our warehouse keeps on working during big holidays such as Chinese New Year. You could keep selling during the holidays if we stock up for you in advance. And this is a great time to increase sales.