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Reason 1

If you are a new seller importing from China

Reason 4

If you want to expand your import market into China.

Reason 2

If you own a small business and lack importing experience in the Chinese market.

Reason 5

You want to get competitive price to save cost.

Reason 3

Your business is booming but not efficiency

Reason 6

If you have different suppliers and hard to manage



  • As the best China sourcing company, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.
  • No upfront charges, no experience needed. An agent will guide you step by step.

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What services we can offer?

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Free Services

Free For all following services

/ month

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  • Product Sourcing, get quote from suppliers.
  • Consult on project cost, manufacturing solutions.
  • Arrange product samples, customize samples.
  • Consult on import export, compliance certifications, etc.

Most Popular

Pro Plan

By paying service fee,
you can enjoy all following services


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  • Follow up production.
  • Customzie products and packagings.
  • Offer private label solutions.
  • Free product photography for ecommerce.
  • Free general quality inspection.
  • Free warehouse 2 months
  • Arrange delivery to door via courier, sea/air freight.

Basic Plan

By paying service fee,
you can enjoy all following services


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  • Follow up production.
  • Customzie products and packagings.
  • Offer private label solutions.
  • Free product photography for ecommerce.
  • Free general quality inspection.
  • Free warehouse 2 months
  • Arrange delivery to door via courier, sea/air freight.

Extra Services

All these services will be quoted by each inquiry.

Starting From

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  • 1 by 1 inspection.
  • Travel to factory for inspection.
  • Hire labor in China
  • Design packaging, labels, etc.
  • Lifestyle Photography


(80% of clients start with this)

Want to import from China but don’t know how to start?

Want to get a competitive price but don’t know which factory is reliable?
Don’t worry, our Free Plan will help you out.

Free Services

Firstly you need to submit inquiry, telling us what products you want or how we can help you. Then we will assign you an agent to providing you the following services for free.

Product Sourcing, cost evaluation

Our agent will help you search as many suppliers in China, and get you the most competitive price according to your product requirements. He can also help you evaluate the total cost for massively production, shipping and custom duty to your country.

Product Sample, Customization

Our agent help you collect product samples from different suppliers (could be your suppliers), check quality and ship to you in one box, thus you can save a lot of shipping fee. He can also help you customize samples with your logos, requirements, making them look the same as your bulk order.

Consulting on Import, Export, Compliance

We offer free consulting for any peices of knowledge related to import, export, compliances, certifications, etc.


(90% clients choose this, instead of Basic Plan)


(If you have own suppliers, but need QC and shipping)

If you have own product suppliers but need someone in China to help you inspect quality and arrange shipping to your country or to Amazon fulfillment centers, our Basic Plan works perfectly for you. By paying a 5% service fee (minimum charge $100), you can enjoy all the following services for free.

General Quality Inspection: We open 20-30% numbers of cartons and randomly inspect numbers in each carton. If there are defect products found, your agent will help negotiate suppliers to fix the problem on your behalf. Or we can also hire workers to fix defects in our warehouse, before shipping out of China.

By charging a 5% service fee, we can do unlimited times of inspection, until the defect issue is solved. Comparably, if you hire 3rd party inspection companies by yourself, they usually charge $200-$300/person/day, and they can only report problems without helping you fix them. They usually inspect very little numbers of products of each batch, unless you hire more inspectors.

Free Warehouse: Our warehouse in China can be 1 month free of use. You can take time to send more products to us, and we help you collect all products, consolidate into one shipment for saving your cost. We will charge $10/CBM/month warehousing fee from the 2nd month.

Product Shipping: We help you get a very competitive shipping price for most shipping methods, no matter its courier, sea freight, air freight, or train. We can help ship your products all the way to your address or 3rd party fulfillment centers, and handle importing and custom process.

Arrange shipment: We help you ship products from China all the way to your address in any countries, or to Amazon warehouses, and handle all import & export process. You always get competitive shipping quote from us, no matter it’s courier service, sea freight or air freight.


(Quoted case by case)

Although the services of our Pro and Basic plan can meet most people’s needs, we can still offer many extra services to make your China importing experience more convenient. All the following extra services will be quoted case by case.

1 by 1 product inspection:  Our workers can help you inspect every single product according to your requirement, and we only charge $4/hour. By using this service, we help you reduce defect rate to 0, which means you won’t get any bad reviews from customers. Strongly recommend Amazon sellers.

Travel to the factory for inspection: For general inspection included in the Pro and Basic plan, we do inspection in our warehouse. If you want us to travel to the factory for inspection, you only need to pay the traveling cost. As this cost is quoted case by case, you can inquire about your agent for details. You probably get a big discount or even free.

Any kinds of labor work: Our workers can help you do all kinds of labor ($4/hour) like packing products, bundling products, putting FNSKU stickers, etc. Putting FNSKU starts from $0.03/each.

Warehouse in China: After the free warehouse period, we will charge $10/CBM/month warehouse fee. Our warehouse is located in Yiwu Zhejiang, around 200km away from Ningbo or Shanghai sea port.

Graphic Design for packaging, label, etc: Our company has inhouse graphic designers, to help you design all kinds of packagings boxes, labels. It’s more cost-effective and efficient than you finding a designer on Fiverr.

Lifestyle Photography: If free photos in the Pro plan is not enough, our designers can help you make lifestyle photos by applying low-cost solutions. The price starts at $50. 


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