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How do you charge for photography?

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Unlock cost-effective visuals with photos starting at just $3 each. Pro Plan users enjoy added benefits, receiving three complimentary white background photos for every product purchase exceeding $500. Elevate your product presentation with our affordable pricing and exclusive perks

How do you conduct quality inspections?

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We provide free quality inspections based on AQL 2.5 standards by default, regardless of any previous factory rework. If you need extra inspections, they are available at an additional charge, with quotes provided separately.

What’s your minimum order quantity?

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For the Basic Plan, the service fee is 5% of the product value. If the total service fee is less than $100, we will still charge a minimum service fee of $100. For both the Basic and Pro Plans, you can place a single order for multiple products if the average purchasing amount for each

What’s the main difference between Pro Plan and Basic Plan?

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Choose our Pro Plan for direct purchases from the Dropshipme supplier network, backed by quality guarantees and compensation for any issues. With the Basic Plan, utilize your suppliers, and benefit from Dropshipme's negotiation support for quality matters, where final losses are shared between you and your supplier. Elevate your e-commerce experience with our flexible plans


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